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Europe’s largest probability panel with 25K+ randomly selected respondents.

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Why have I been contacted?

You might wonder where we got your data from and why we contacted you.

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Why participate

Curios what is in it for you when participating in Lifepanel?

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Reward System.

We do not work with points but rather with a fixed enumeration per survey.
Depending on your country and length of the survey we offer between €5 and €10 per completed survey.

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Per survey
€5 From
Reward per survey
  • For shorter surveys
  • Country dependent
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€10 Maximum
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  • For longer surveys
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Can I register myself to become a member?

Our panel is probability-based, meaning, it is invite-only. We recruit our members using offline methodologies, such as SMS and CATI, hence the panel is invite-only and you cannot register yourself or invite others.

Why am I asked to join?

In order for the studies to be representative, we need people from different age groups, gender, and background. For that same reason, the phone number is being selected randomly and we do not hold any additional information regarding the user.

How can I unsubscribe from the panel?

Login with you mobile number or email and from there you can delete all your personal data and opt-out from the panel.

How often will you invite me to a survey and what is the survey length?

The survey length is between 15 & 25 minutes and we invite you to maximum of one survey a month.

Who conducts the survey?

The surveys are being conducted by Lifepanel clients, which are mostly market research companies, social research centers, universities, and NGOs.

How can I see in which surveys I have participated and how much money I earned?

You can have an overview of the surveys taken and the rewards by logging in the member section from there you see the amount for each survey and also request payout.

Why do I need to provide my personal information?

We want to ensure that all parts of the population are represented. After the data is collected, the data is weighted for demographics. Only for that purpose your demographic is collected. We will never share individual demographic data with clients. When we deliver the data to the survey, all personal-identifiable information (PII) is removed.

Is my personal data shared with third-parties?

Your personal information is not being shared with third parties. We only use your email or phone number to invite you to take part in the survey and your demographic characteristics in order to determine whether you are eligible for a survey or not. Your personal information is not being used for any other purposes.

Curious about Lifepanel for research?
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Lifepanel provides researchers with probability-based insights
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European Insights
Scientific Approach

Lifepanel provides probabilty-based insights for households in Europe
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Lifepanel provides the data reliability of traditional CATI interviews with its large coverage thanks to a Dual-Frame RDD sample, probability based selection, high level of fraud prevention with the fast turn around time and reduced cost.

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When should you consider Lifepanel?

Lifepanel Applications

Whether you are evaluating a policy, conducting academic research, contributing to public debate, or lobbying for a cause, Lifepanel provides high quality representative data in a short timeframe.

Probability Based

Lifepanel makes use of a high-quality recruitment method that provides robust data from a representative sample at affordable prices, including under-represented groups and the offline population. From recruitment to a completed interview, all selection stages can be provided transparently.

Representative Surveys & Real Data

If you want real data from randomly chosen participants and balanced demographics rather than professional survey takers and suspicious data.


Lifepanel Panel makes use of a high-quality recruitment method that provides robust data from a representative sample at affordable prices and providing close to full coverage.

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What to expect from Lifepanel Data?

Data Quality

Lifepanel provides access to phone verified, probability based respondents meaning that you get real data from a representative audience.
We provide a detailed breakdown of demographics. The provided data consists both unweighted and weighted data. Next to that we provide a methodological brief and response rate calculations.


Our pricing is between that for CATI fieldwork and access panels. Please reach out via the contact page or our email to get a detailed pricing breakdown.

Turnaround time

We provide the data within 4-6 weeks for N=1000. During data collection you will receive access to a progress dashboard to track the progress for your data collection together with a breakdown on demographics.


Packed with API features you will love to collaborate with issues and change business.

Generate a new API key

The Lifepanel workflow.

Submit your RFQ

You submit your RFQ. Based on that we provide feasibility indication and pricing information together with estimates for turnaround time and timings. Keep in mind we only run one wave per month per country.


Either you provide your own questionnaire programmed or we program it for you. Lifepanel can work together with multiple survey software packages.

Data Delivery

Within 4-6 weeks you can access your data via the user dashboard or we deliver via secure FTP connection. The results will include a methodological report, weighted and unweighted data together with response rate calculation.

How long is the fieldwork period?

Depending on the sample size and countries involved, the fieldwork period ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Why Lifepanel over Access Panels?

Most recent studies showcase that full probability samples provide the most precise data. Studies that utilize a probability sample combined with an opt-in sample are less accurate than studies that make use of full probability samples. Least accurate are surveys comprised entirely of opt-in panel sample*.

Lifepanel is a fully probability-based panel since it recruits randomly selected panelists from a probability based sample source that reflects the population of 16 and over of a given country (Single or Dual-Frame RDD).


The data obtained from this panel can statistically represent the target population with a known margin of error. Lifepanel is a strict invite-only panel and does not allow standalone volunteering or referrals to be part of Lifepanel. All respondents must be selected randomly, invited and verified by phone to participate.


*The Accuracy of Measurement with probability and non-probability survey samples by Bo MacInnis, Jon A. Krosnick, Annabell S. Ho, Mu-Jung Cho, POQ, Vol 82, No. 4, Winter 2018, pp. 707-744

Lifepanel Weighting Procedure

The Lifepanel is weighted to be representative of the entire residential adult population of a specific country. The first step in the weighting process is the application of a base weight that accounts for the DFRDD (or single mobile frame) sample design and the within-household sampling of one respondent aged 16 and over.

Following the base weight, the panel is calibrated to correct for differential participation along demographics such as age, urbanicity, gender, region, employment status and education. Benchmark distributions are obtained from the most recently available data Eurostats and dedicated national registers.

Final weights for the Lifepanel survey data reflect individual respondents’ probability of selection into the sample and are again calibrated to country benchmarks to ensure that Lifepanel survey data accurately represent the opinions of a given country.

Lifepanel standard deliverables

We provide several files with every delivery:


  • Clean and weighted data available in a variety of formats (e.g. Excel, SPSS, .csv etc.)
  • Additional outputs to meet your needs: from analysis tables and significance testing to complex multi-variate regressions analysis and segmentations; from slide-decks to detailed reports
  • Weighted crosstabs with standard demographics
  • Weighted SPSS data file with standard demographic variables from the survey or panelist profile data (also available in Excel, CSV, or SAS)
  • Methods report
Which part of the population is covered?

Since the respondents are recruited via phone, it represents the entire population with access to phone aged 16 and over of a given country.

The majority of the panel members are invited to surveys via SMS, Email and WhatsApp while a small percentage is interviewed via phone to ensure the non-online part of the population is covered as well.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just login to your member area. From there under the profile tab you can request to delete your account. Keep in mind that all credits will be lost as well.

Meet our panel members.

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