Privacy Policy



The surveys are conducted by Sample Solutions BV,  on behalf of one of our clients. The data controller in this process is Sample Solutions BV. By participating in the surveys, you agree to your personal data being used as described in this policy. 


Data collection and usage


By “personal data” we mean any information that relates to a living person and that can be used to establish that person’s identity.


Lawful collection


We collect your personal data in order to conduct public opinion surveys. When we contact you by phone or SMS, we do it in order to invite you to join our online probabilistic panel and participate in opinion surveys. 

If you agree to become a member of our probabilistic panel we will proceed to ask you several demographic questions, such as your age, gender, and household composition. You do not have to respond to any of the questions, and you may withdraw your participation in a survey at any time. 

Since our starting point is an RDD mobile/landline sample, we do not hold any additional information about yourself, except for the phone number and the information that can be obtained out of it, such as mobile provider and/or location. We collect basic demographic information since our purpose is to have a representative panel with users from different age groups and backgrounds.


Data transfer and third parties


Your privacy is protected. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent unless it is purely for research purposes or required by law. This includes your name, your address, and your e-mail address.

Your personal data may be collected, stored, transferred, or processed by third parties (service companies) for research-related purposes, such as data processing within and outside the European Economic Area (EEA). They are all contractually obliged to keep confidential any information they collect and disclose to us or that we collect and disclose to them. 

If these transfers are made abroad or outside the EEA, we ensure that the transfer is made securely and by a legitimate method according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).




We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided to us, both during transmission and after receipt of the data. Our security procedures are in accordance with generally accepted trade standards used to protect personal data.

All of our employees are contractually required to follow our policies and procedures regarding confidentiality, security, and privacy.

We adhere to the following industry standards and requirements:

  • The international quality standard for market research ISO 20252;
  • The international data security standard ISO 27001.




We take all the necessary steps to keep the personal data in our possession or control accurate, complete, current, and relevant, based on the most recent information you and/or our client have made available to us.

We rely on you to keep your personal data accurate, complete, and up to date by answering our questions honestly; you are responsible for notifying us of any changes to your personal data.


Collecting data on underaged individuals



We never knowingly invite children from age of 16 to join the panel without obtaining permission. If it is necessary and appropriate for a particular project to include underaged individuals.

If and under 18 years of age are directly involved, we will ensure that we have obtained permission from the responsible adult. We do not invite individuals younger than 16 years old to become a member of our panel.


Sensitive data


We may collect sensitive personal data in our surveys, such as information about your ethnicity or race, political opinions, religious or similar beliefs, and physical or mental health or condition. We collect this type of data only if you have given us your explicit consent.


User’s rights


If you would like to inspect the personal data we hold about you, you may contact us directly or log in to your account and verify the accuracy of your information.

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • The right to change your mind and withdraw your consent;
  • The right to see your personal data;
  • The right to rectify your personal data;
  • The right to erase your personal data from our systems, unless we have a legitimate interest in continuing to process the data;
  • The right to transfer your personal data (the right to data portability);
  • The right to impose restrictions on the processing of your personal data;
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data.


We will also notify third parties to whom we have transferred your personal data of the changes we have made at your request. Please note that even if we contact those third parties, we are not responsible for what those third parties do with your request. 


Data storage


We retain personal data as long as the panel member wishes to be one unless we are required by law to maintain a different period. We delete personal data that we no longer need in such a way that its confidential nature is not affected. After a panelist decides to cancel his membership, all data stored on that member will be deleted and not shared with third parties nor used in future projects. 

As part of our business continuity plan and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001, ISO 20252, and in certain cases the law, we back up our electronic systems and archive the data. We keep those archives for a certain period of time in a highly monitored environment. At the end of that period, the data is deleted and the physical media is destroyed so that the data is completely erased.


Policy changes


We regularly review our privacy policy and may change things from time to time. You will always find the most current version of our policy on this web page. We will also indicate when we last revised our policy.


Date compiled: 26/07/2022 




For any inquiry regarding the Privacy Policy you may reach out to our team at info@samplesolutions or fill in the contact form on our Contact Us page.

You can also reach out directly o our GDPR officer Mimi Lazarova at The GDPR officer ensures that our procedures follow the GDPR restrictions and the ISO standards.

Our purpose is to ensure that your data is well protected and used only for the purposes mentioned in this Policy. In case of a complaint, you should reach us in order to point out any irregularity or Privacy Policy variance.


RDD sample generation and privacy


As previously mentioned, as a starting point to invite our panel members we use a probabilistic RDD sample. Generation of RDD samples has been one of our core services for the past two decades. An additional Privacy Policy related directly to the generation and usage of our databases is available on the following link.