Probability Panel in Spain

Why Lifepanel in Spain?

Spain is perfectly suited
as Probability Panel
having close to
full internet penetration.

In 2022, the internet penetration for Spain reached 96% according to Eurostat.

Panel Composition

How we built our Spain Panel


Dual Frame

Lifepanel makes use of landline and mobile sampling frames for most countries to increase coverage and to better represent the country demographics. A breakdown on the source of respondents can be seen below.

0 Parameter

Selection Probabilities

Household size, landline access or mobile access are recorded for each respondent. This allows accurate calculation of the selection probabilities and can be used for post-processing of data.


Data Collection Channels

While the main verification is an actual phone call, we additionally leverage SMS &  WhatsApp as pre-notification and reminders to join the panel.  Email address is collected during the recruitment process and used as additional channel for survey invitations.

Standard Demographics

Realtime Demographics - Full Transparency



Lifepanel follows the OECD standard education level for all its countries. That allows comparability between the countries.


Age Band Distribution

Lifepanel recruits from 16 and older and uses four age bands. The age distribution differs. per recruitment mode.



Next to male and female, we also provide the option for other. Gender distribution differs by recruitment mode.


Occupation Status

The occupation status makes use of seven different options and is updated every half a year by our respondents.

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Methodological reporting like CATI and F2F interviews

Probability with the ease of Online Samples.

Disposition Codes

With any data delivery we provided full outline on the response codes and response attempts. We can provide additional info on demographics for the non-response.

Incentive Reporting

Lifepanel uses an adpative incentive system based on past response rate and demographics. With any delivery we provide info on applied incentive.

Raw & Weighted Data

We can provide both type of datasets: The unweighted data and the weighted data upon request.