I was contacted


Why have I been invited
to join Lifepanel?

Survey participant

Random selection

We use RDD samples, which have been randomly generated and we do not hold any additional information regarding the user. The selection of each number is purely casual and random.


Phone verification

We recruit our members by  SMS and phone calls. However, only phone verified participants can become a member. Our community is by invite only, you cannot join without being contacted.


Are you sharing my data
with third parties?


Your data is safely stored.

The information we hold on our members is confidential. We only use the email so the client can send out its survey. None of the demographic information is shared with third parties.


You can quit whenever you like.

If you decide you no longer want to be a member, all you need to do is unsubscribe and all the data we have on you will be deleted.

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Purpose & remuneration

Why take part
in Lifepanel?

Share your thoughts

Lifepanel helps big brands, governments and NGOs understand better people’s opinions and choices. By joining the panel, you help them get an insight into people’s choices on different subjects, plus you get to become a part of Europe’s biggest panel, share your thoughts on different topics, and get remunerated for it.

Get rewarded

You earn between 7-10 Euro per completed survey which you can redeem as Amazon voucher or donate to charity.

Answer at your convenience

We only run a maximum of one survey per month. You can decide whether you want to answer it via your phone (SMS Link, WhatsApp Link), on your landline phone by us calling you or by Email. A survey takes 15-25 minutes.

Get Insights Report

Whenever possible we will share with you the report of the study to show how other people answered.

Step 1.


We will call you on your landline or mobile phone to invite you to our panel.

Step 2.


We verify some basic data points and then verify your details via SMS or Email.

Step 3.

Monthly survey

We invite you to a monthly survey which you can complete within a week.

Step 4.

Earn or Donate

For each survey you earn towards an Amazon voucher or charity donation.


Here you can submit a data subject request to get info about which data we hold on you.

Data Subject Request