FAQ Members is a probability based-independent panel, where members get invited to participate in surveys regarding different topics of everyday living. From lifestyle habits to the socio-economic situation and purchasing preferences.

Our panel is probability-based, meaning, not everyone can join. We recruit our members using offline methodologies, such as SMS and CATI, hence you need to be invited in order to become a member.

In order for the studies to be representative, we need people from different age groups, gender, and background. For that same reason, the number is being selected randomly and we do not hold any additional information regarding the user.

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the end of the email you receive when you get invited to take a new survey. There is no need for you to send us an individual email in order to unsubscribe.

The surveys are being conducted by Sample Solutions clients, which are mostly market research companies, social research centers, universities, and NGOs.

You can have an overview of the surveys taken and the rewards by logging in the member section.

The personal data serves to classify you for the surveys relevant to you. Surveys can be directed to a specific demographic group, such as students only or women only and the personal information will help us identify whether you are eligible for that survey or not.

Your personal information is not being shared with third parties. We only use your email to invite you to take part in the survey and your demographic characteristics in order to determine whether you are eligible for a survey or not. Your personal information is not being used for any other purposes.

you will be invited to participate in a survey once a month.

Depending on the country you are based in, the incentives vary from 5 to 10 euros per completed survey.

FAQ Clients

For more details regarding the countries, we cover in our life panel, check our Coverage page.

We recruit our members by inviting them to join, using CATI or SMS approach. This means that we do have their consent to send them surveys. For more details, you can check our GDPR page.

In order to get a pricing proposal, you should reach out to us by email or by phone.

You can also fill in the contact form on the Contact page

Our life panel is probabilistic. This means that the respondents are randomly chosen to become a part of our panel. We recruit our members using a probabilistic RDD sample, hence we avoid the bias in the sampling/results that can occur with non-probabilistic sampling.